Qualifying Totals

QTs (Qualifying totals) and the road to Nationals

Qualifying totals, or QTs are a somewhat confusing concept at first, as is is how to get from one level of competition to the next. Here is what you need to know about competing and meets and what you need to do to get to Nationals from the ground up.

Local meets are where you will start. A local meet requires only that you have a membership, legal equipment, have completed your True Sport module (for drug testing and fair play awareness), and show up to lift! It helps to know the rules (pdf download) and is a tremendous asset to have a coach who knows how the event works.

There is no qualifying total to do a local meet.

Volunteering is the next step up your chain. "Volunteering?" you say. "But that's not lifting!" Ah, but it is. Volunteers helping out at meets makes it possible for the meets to be run. Spotting and loading, helping on the scoretable, and assisting with set up and take down are just a few of the things that volunteers do. To compete at Nationals for Newfoundland and Labrador, you MUST volunteer at NLPA Provincials or TWO OTHER LOCAL MEETS. Without the volunteers on the platform and table, the meet would not run. Volunteering is a part of this sport. Plus you learn an awful lot by helping out, and it will make you a better lifter!

Since we are talking about Provincials, our Provincial Championships are likely your next step up the competition chain. While you do not HAVE to lift at Provincials to go to Nationals, it is strongly advised. To compete at Provincials, you must have a QT from the tables below (scroll down the page to check them out when you've time - I'll keep typing :-)).

QTs all work the same way, all the way up through to Nationals.

  • You must have achieved the total in the weight class in which you competed. If you competed as a 74kg junior male, you must have hit or exceeded the QT for the 74kg junior males.

  • once you've achieved the QT in the weight class in which you competed, the door FOR THAT DISCIPLINE is wide open for you. You can compete in any weight class you choose within that discipline. Think of a QT as a passkey to unlock an elevator level. Once you open that elevator door, you're free to select whichever weightclass room in your age group that you want to walk into. (Be prepared to lift more or be lighter if you choose to go up or down!)

  • by discipline we mean raw/classic, equipped, raw/classic bench-only, or equipped bench-only and in the age group in which you've qualified (there are some additional rules surrounding this, so if you're trying to switch age groups, give us a shout!).

  • if you want to qualify in equipped, you must lift equipped. Same with raw.

  • Bench only is a bit of an exception. You see, there's a benchpress in 3-lift as well as in bench-only. You CAN qualify for bench-only with your 3-lift bench press. Makes sense, yes?

  • QTs are valid for 24 months. Then they expire and you have to try again. (But you've already registered for your next meet anyway, right? Right?)

  • Anyone can lift in Open, if they've hit the Open QT. (The Age Group QTs are lower than the Open ones.)

Okay, you did provincials. That went great. Someone said, "hey you should do Nationals!"

They might be correct! But you have a few more boxes to tick and things to learn.

To do Nationals for the first time, you also must do Regionals. Usually that's Easterns here in NL, but it can be Centrals or Westerns. This is to build your experience level before going to Nationals. Regionals is a higher level of play, with more stringent refereeing.

To do Regionals, you must have achieved the Regional QTs as established by the CPU in any meet (local or Provincials are the norm for first-time athletes). You can find them HERE. The National QTs are there as well. The National QTs are the Golden QTs, the ones that will get you in the door to Nats. You can hit the National QTs at any meet, from local to Worlds.

So to recap, to do Nationals for the first time, a lifter from Newfoundland & Labrador must:

  1. hit the National QT for the weight class in which they lifted.

  2. have done Regionals within two years of their first Nationals.

  3. have volunteered at Provincials or TWO other local meets.

  4. have a valid CPU membership.

  5. have their CCES certificate (that drug awareness thing I talked about earlier) complete and up to date.

  6. register for Nationals.

A lifter who has previously competed at Nationals only requires the QT and volunteering.

If you are planning your process along this road, we are happy to help. Pop the NLPA exec an email at nlpaexec@gmail.com or send us a message via FB and we will help with any of the following:

  • check your totals to see what you need and if you have them

  • pair you with a referee to make sure your lift technique is sufficiently good

  • help you to learn the skills you need to volunteer and help you find a volunteer position within your scope

  • help you local gear that is allowable in competition

  • assist with any other questions or queries you might have!

Qualifying Totals

To compete at NLPA Provincials, athletes must have achieved the following totals in a local meet:

Provincial Qualifying Totals 2022.docx